About Us

Matrimonyal.com is the World's leading and best successful matchmaking website – to help single brides / grooms to find their suitable life partner for marriage and also help parents to search & gift better life partner for their son/daughter. Matrimonyal.com has been trusted since 2012 by people to help them find their beautiful life partner encircling with its websites, mobile sites and mobile application. Which update over lakhs of bride and bridegroom list from where the match can be chosen?

We have a secured server there forth the personal details provided by the member are covered. The transactions you do over the site using credit cards and details regarding were ensconced that it never be an issue and the user be notified by our team whenever there is an update or change.

With its international presence subscribers across the globe and now users can use niche services of ours like Mobile Verified Profiles and Locality search profiles to ensure they get the match they are looking for. Matrimonyal.com offers services and features that are more advanced sophisticated thereby ensuring users have a wonderful experience in searching for their partners and picking the best one among them.

Matrimonyal.com is squared only under the government matrimonial laws. It is most trusted and believable site which bring number of singles an opportunity to choose their suitable spouse.

We provide a parallel access to the customer service where the member can edit or change the details provided anytime with correct and accurate information’s with our knowledge, the user be summoned if there any time-time change in the site (Matrimonyal.com).

We provide a security balance where any mismatching or inaccurate details may lead to deleting their accounts by our team in order to protect the other users from spamming.

The most important point of Matrimonyal.comis it’s not a dating site; it’s totally a matchmaking locus without bothering privacy.

It renders a safe and secure easy access to the members of this Matrimonyal.com site.

Matrimonyal.comis a portrait which serves with more than 8 years of incredible success.